Just get along with your toddler for bonding time! Don't forget to carry your camera and spirited energies in order to beat the boredom of 'holiday' season.
Chocolate when melts is nothing less than heaven!

Let your kid wear the chef hat and beat the chocolate and vanilla essence mixture together. Let him go all messy and dirty with chocolate. Allow him to play around with this treat of visual and tasteful sense.

The wonderful picnic!
It is time to hit the grassy gardens. Take with you bunch of your child's friends, some homemade delicious food and let your child just be himself in natures lap. Bear in mind to protect your kids from harsh sun rays on a hot summer day, use SPF 20 for kids.

Spraying the fun!
Take an empty plastic bottle and fill it with as much water as the bottle can sustain. Now tap your feet on the bottle and dance. Let all your kids see how dancing can be true fun.

The suave modernistic art
Display few centimeters of chart paper, colourful pens, pencils and paints on the ground. Tell your child to dip his feet or hands in that paint bowl and guide him to directly jump on a sheet of paper. This will be fun!

Games at home!
Make tunnels and homemade obstacles from cardboard and gear up for long jump competition right in your backyard. Invite your angel's friends to join you in fun. Arrange a pillow party for all his buddies and let them all cherish their holiday in a humorous way!

Blow a bubble
Let your infant play with the bubble-maker. Add few extra colourings to the bubble and see when the bubble will reach its heights. All the paint will be scattered on his or her face. And don't all children love playing with dirtiness around?

Fun with photo frames
Take few pieces of cardboard and cut it in a square shape. Now take another piece of cardboard and attach it to the original piece, making a window inside. Now tell your kid to click his own self and put the picture inside the frame. Add stars and glowing sparkles all over the border of the picture. And your perfect holiday picture is ready!

Balloon batting
Try tying a puffed up balloon on the washed clothes rope. Take a huge piece of cardboard and make a bat out of it. Your kid will surely love the idea of batting and balling that too all alone by himself or herself.

Let's play zoo-zoo!
This is a good way to educate your child as to what are the different names of the animals and how do these animals look in real. Tell your kids to look for their size and capture them all in a camera.

Cool pool party!
It's time for a pool party! Organize few drinks and sandwiches on the side with huge pool balls and toys thrown inside the pool. Let them splash water on you. You be a part of the crime and jump inside the pool showing them what actual fun it can be!

Go out with your kid to any stationery shop and tell him to collect all the pictures and things that he or she finds interesting. Now paste all these pictures on a piece of huge white sheet. Spray paint on it and you are all set to flaunt your new collage!

Now you know how without spending a single penny you can have fun with them in a genuine way! So banish away the worries of having no budget to spend the holidays by ravishing the burden!

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Written by:Mansi Kohli