water usage an analysis

water a freely available commodity , but still we pay dearly fro it.

it is due to our improper utilisation and management of the natural resources available for water.

there are a number of rivers, rivulets, streams and seas around each country.

if we can effectively connect them and use them , we can get good water for all free or at least at a economical rate.

nowadays we buy water. We call it mineral water. it is supposed to be a treated water and contain all essential nutrients required for the human body and also is supposed to be rid of all hardness etc.

now there are two aspects to be seen for getting benefit of the available resources of water to all.

one is full utilisation of the available good water. by joining the rivers, having dams , avoiding waste of good water into the sea , by diverting them.
Also we can recycle the used water to reuse it for flushing etc.
Another aspect is to convert sea water to good water and storing them .

rain water harvesting is another aspect to be considered and all concerned to be informed to follow it.

There are plants which store water and or retain the ground water. More of such plants can be planted to retain the ground water.

Also lakes and ponds and rivers to be maintained pollution free and also sediment free and also free of all impurities by adding more of weed eating birds/ animals and also removing weed manually if required.


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