5 Managing of Management

• Managing Yourself.
• Managing Upwards.
• Managing Downwards.
• Managing Across the Organization.
• Managing Outwards.

As a Manager, you need to manage your relationship with your reporters, your peers, your customers and your bosses. The 5 M of management focuses on these relationships. Let me explain each of the management behaviors that shall contribute to your being a Successive manager.

1. Managing Yourself :
This is your foremost task you have to do .This would enable you to take stock of your personal contribution to the organization. To manage yourself well, you also need to manage your time well. Learn to manage your stress too .This is necessary to take you calm in the work environment and manage conflict and other challenging situation in your organization.

2. Managing Upwards:
This is also very important. It is important to understand what kinds of problems and challenges your manager faces. What deadlines he /she has to meet etc.If you understood your manger well, you can actually know what kind of reaction would come from your manger on the recommendation you have made, the kind of appreciation you will get on the behavior exhibited by you ,the kind of support you will get on the change you with to make.

3. Managing Downwards:
The people resources are the most powerful resources for any organization. To manage Downwards well you need to be aware of the aspirations of your staff, relate their personal Growth to the organizational growth, create an environment where they can participate in the decision making process and respect and recognize their unique potential.

4. Managing Across the Organizing:
A bigger goal can only be achieved if all the energies work towards it. Flatter the structure in an organization, less is the hierarchy, lesser would be bureaucracy and more would be trust and dependability, between the team members.Managing across the organization helps collaborate efforts from different people and ensure faster completion of tasks.

5. Managing Outwards:
Managing outwards may include managing customers, bankers, Solicitors, competitors etc.this is a network you have outside the organization. This tells you where to tap what kind of resources to achieve the organizational shalt and long terms goals.

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