If you're starting a new business, or you simply want to revamp your existing office space, there are lots of ways that you can use your decoration to create a great environment for you and your staff to work in.

You will need to find a reliable decorating contractor who understands what your requirements are. Make sure that your decorating contractor has references, and go and see other work they have completed to get an idea of what they do.

Make sure that you have a contract and discuss the contract with your decorating contractor at length. It is usually advisable to fix a price before work starts, then if your decorating contractor goes over budget you will not be liable to pay.

When choosing the decor for your office, the most important thing is to keep it simple. Spaces that are over decorated with too many bright colours or too much furniture crammed in can feel cramped and oppressive and be difficult to work in. Most people prefer to work in spaces that are painted in light or neutral colours, so keep your colour scheme between 2 and three colours. You can add a touch of brightness here and there by painting accent colours onto one wall of your office. You can even link these in with the colours of your logo to make your office a true part of your company.

You will need to carefully plan your office layout, but it is possible to assign this job to your decorating contractor. Make sure they understand what your business is about and your contractor should have the experience to advise you on the best layout for your office.

Bear in mind that your business can grow. You will need to have contingencies for new staff, and your decorating contractor can help you with space saving solutions and ideas. Remember, clients will see your office, so make sure that it reflects your professionalism, and that staff feel comfortable in the environment. Don't forget that once you have agreed terms with a decorating contractor, they are obligated to complete work and to finish your decorating to a high spec. Once you have found a reliable decorating contractor, it's advisable to stay in contact so you can use them for any further projects.

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