As a parent, you are faced with a lot of choices when it comes to educational toys for your children. Educational toys are the most successful way to enhance your child's developmental skills and also improve their IQ. Parents can develop the natural skills in the child by making them to play with the right educational and developmental toys. Educational toys give children the opportunity to establish contact with the outside world during early ages.

Select Age appropriate toys for your children:

Some toys are best for a particular age while others for another age. Do well as a parent to buy toys that match your child's age. An infant for instance may just begin to learn how to focus and grasp with their hands. Colorful and soft toys that develop hand - eye coordination may be appropriate for them. Toddlers on the other hand may like toys that focus on stacking and pulling, pre-dressing and language basics. Labels on the toys can also be a guide as some recommend them as suitable for some ages.

Consider safety when choosing educational toys for your children:

Choose toys that have no small parts that fit into the child's mouth. They should have no pointed or sharp parts that may harm your child. Toys that do not have long strings or chords or plastic wrapping are considered safe for children. They should not contain any harmful chemicals.

Interest of the child:

Another rule for buying educational toys is to keep in touch with your child's interests. Find out what the interests of your child are; critical thinking, calculations, activities that require physical strength and any other, and get them toys that enable them on these activities.


In choosing educational toys for your kids, choose toys that are durable and have long term value. Select toys that your child can play with for a long time without getting bored. Toys must also be made of durable materials, or of well known brands.

Consider the special needs of your children when buying them toys. Children with mental retardation or other special needs need toys specially made for them. Also, children with physical disabilities may not be able to play with toys that require physical ability.

Do not choose educational toys that oppose the opinions of your family or society on particular issues. Toys must not be only to develop the intellect of your kids but must also inculcate in them proper moral and cultural values for them to grow into respectable individuals.


Choose toys that fit your family's budget. Educational toys for kids must not put strain on the family's budget, or put the family into debt, there are a lot of cheaper options available.

When you choose an educational toy, consider your child, and do not buy them because you as a parent likes them. Choose toys that are that are gender specific and teach your child the roles he or she is expected to play in the society.

Educational toys are essential for healthy children play, and as play is essential for a child's development and learning, toys are tools for development of your child. A parent must therefore make the right decision as the toys to give to his children.

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