I first started internet marketing, or the science there of as i now call it; to every one else its the less than an art of making money online - 2 years ago. Mainly to earn extra parental free money. I was in grade 11. Sure having a small income stream for booz was great but i was beginning to realize the amount of work doing paid surveys just wasn't enough. i had an email address that was clogged with $3 surveys.

One of my older buddies was heavy into the ways of Internet marketing. He owned his own car parts pawn shop. His scientific method was mass email marketing, or as i would assume spamming. Maybe he wasn't i don't know. I also knew of click flipping, or using affinities advertised through google. I was sceptical of both methods, one didn't seem to work and the other would eat up cash like you'd never believe and leave a high risk in its stead. So i found my own science and mastered it.

Its called dropshipping and its been a favorite income stream up until the launch of my website. See it was the best because you DO profit zero down. The trick is to know what to sell, but with the proper dropship supplier, all the information is at your finger tips! You do a little home work or just randomly find what you like (not very scientific) then you push it to eBay. This does cost you $2 down (so sue me) and lets buyers bid at retail price. When some one buys you get their item, go back to your market place push, buy the item at whole sale price, keep the difference, put in the shipping address (shipping cost is forwarded to the eBay auction along with a pic and de script ion) then you sit back and laugh.

To lean more about the science of the 7 Step System for success check out my websites at www.truecashforyou.com. www.theturecashsystem.com and www.nettruecash.com

Thanks for you time and happy hunting!

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