It was a beautiful morning . As usual as soon as i got up , i went to my balcony and sat and started watching outside. The greenery around, which i was lucky enough to see , once again for the n-th time made me wonder about nature which is meant to be god's creation , which is of course altered by man as per his own taste , the effect of which is not fully understood by him.

Crows started flying past. two crows sat before me on the ground and started their search among the small growth of bushes for food. During that process they were virtually walking on one side of the road as well as crossing the road a few times. All this they were doing walking and not flying. It was almost as if they were on an exercise splurge. Then one crow brought one eatable and kept it in the gap between the footstairs where the footstairs take a turn. That was a concealed place where no other crow can that easily see.

In fact for humans also it may not be immediately visible unless somebody very clearly look for it. Then , i was told by my wife that this is a daily affair and that the crow brings probably rare items and keeps it there and takes it back after sometime. She also told that eventhough the place looks dirty due to the things kept, once the crow takes it back , there is absolutely no trace of the matter and it is as clean as a slate. Then i observed few squirrels playing around the few trees around the house. They were moving at such a faster pace and without stopping except may be to nibble at some food , that it seemed that they are moving at the speed of Japanese trains and that they are also working like Japanese , non -stop.
Also it was seen that in between one or two squirrels fell while jumping from one tree to another . The fall was almost twenty feet. Still they just moved about as if nothing happened.

Again it may be wonder as to the stuff they are made of. Then I heard the sweet voice of the Koel and also some rare birds of wood colour.

It was a very nice day for a start.

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