In today's busy world everyone is just search of money and personal pleasure. I am not accusing anyone. Definitely, we all need to survive in this world and dream of leading a life according to our aspiration. It is at this point where I would like to draw your attention towards a class of people who are not at all blessed to lead a normal life. Have you ever thought for a while about people suffering from mental disability, physical disability or people who cannot really work for their daily bread? Don't you think that they too have the right to at least lead a normal life? Do we need to neglect them just because they are not like us?

I believe that there is GOD in every human being. This is what motivates me to do something for my fellow beings. The kind of mental satisfaction that I enjoy when I try to do something for someone is unexplainable. My humble request to the world is in spite your busy schedule, just take a little time off to care for people around you. The least thing you can do for them is to at least include them in your prayers.

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