Whenever a child takes birth,he is the most lucky one away from the peculiar jhik-jhik of the world. He is very safe in the arms of his parents. But as he starts growing up, in a society he starts learning about the do's and dont's of this society, now he is no more a baby, he has to strive to survive. When he gets into a school, he always has a master to poke nose in his life every now and then, now his life is not the same as it used to be.

He gets into his busy and hectic schedules and starts losing himself and goes the way where life is taking him, he is bound to walk on the road which his parents have made for him, then gradually comes the time when he has to make his career. He has to face good competition to prove himself, he
again gets frustrated. He meets new people, some good , some bad, and in order to make space among them he starts behaving the way as they want him and ultimately the world had made him the way the world wanted him to be.

Daily problems and tensions in his life overcame all his originality, now he is no more the same person as he used to be. Life ran at such a fast pace that he also had to chase it. Finally comes the day, when he turns back and sees that he has completely lost himself. Who was he? What had he done throughout his life? What had he actually achieved? Everything but Nothing. He engrosses himself so much in his life that he went on going the way life took him. How will people remember him when he dies?

Who will care about him if he is not there in this world? he couldn't get any answer.It was because He had kept chasing his life and had lost those important days. What had he actually made out of his life? Was he a good person? Had he done any such good deeds in life which were lot more valuable than his handsome salary? Had he made his place somewhere close to God's heart? Had he brought smiles to crying faces? ,the answer was "no". Doing good deeds are much more satisfying than
earning salary. Become the way that the people can remember you.

Don't go the way life is taking you, take life the way you want. Career to sab bana lete hai, but life tabhi achchi hoti hai jab vo actual mein life ki tarah ji jaaye, kisi local
bus ki tarah nahi.....

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