A farmer, who toiled from dawn to dusk, dreamt of having a house of his own; he took a loan and constructed a house, House of his Dreams. But his days of agony then began- the loans he had taken and the interest grew faster than his crops, and the creditors came to get back their money. And driven to the wall, he committed suicide by hanging himself. The above incident is not common. Now as poem..


Day and night the farmer toiled
Reaping golden crops from his soil
Yet it produced just few penny
Unfulfilling dream- times so many
A dream he had as all could have
"House of my own" strongly woven
Not the thatched hut, old and cold,
But floor refined and chairs to dine
Bed to slumber after day's hard time.

Months rolled, the farmer got bored-
With meager savings he always owned
Hence he fetched money easily lent
To build the abode he always dreamt
But not one day he slept in peace
For debts and loans made unease
Interest grew faster than crops did
Along with it brew worries in store

Creditors swarmed; with words too harsh
"Dream -house in stake", poor fate!
Alas! , the awaited time did come
Seizure of his home, Dream home
Images burnt in flames, death game
The son of the soil couldn't blame
He let his last breath in rope of shame.


Jacintha Morris A
Welfare Assistant
Accountant General's Office

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