My name Biman Das might amaze you to confusion, why I have captioned the heading "Being south Indian" in this Article although my name ends with "Das".

August 02, 2004, 12:30 am, the Bangalore - Guwahati express entered Bangalore, and I started believing in the phrase "Love at first sight". First one from my family to visit Bangalore, everyone suggested Delhi, Some said Pune, I opted Bangalore, don't know why? May be, because of my 60 yr old friend "Pravhu A", whom I met in a train to Kolkata and my ticket was in waiting list but still I boarded the train, as I never believe in postponing things, I settled myself near the wash room and then from nowhere this friend came to me and shared his berth for next 18 hrs. "He was from Bangalore".

From majestic to AMC college, the Big BMTC bus was my ride (never seen such a huge bus in my life), automated doors almost scared me, a tall dark guy, with the "employment news paper" in his hand, came to me and smiled when he said "Salpa! Adjust madi", this was my first lesson in kanada.The employment newspaper in his hand enlightened me of competition and that very moment I printed the fact "Work Hard" inside my bi-lobed brain, in the central nervous system, controlling the adrenaline inside me.

AMC college, 5.30 pm, it was more like some kind of palace, my new Sony digital camera gifted by my mom for securing distinction, captured the moment. I didn't prefer any other college, and near the college gate my positive ego came out of me and my blind goal whispered in my ears "I gonna rule this palace", hope fully I did for the next 6 years, I got my recognition in every dam thing. Those days Every morning I missed my Assamese food "alu pitika aru ruti" (Smashed potato and Roti) for my breakfast, and this got replaced by Masala Dosa, Sometimes Iddli Vada", The taste was strange and I did realize after sometimes that It was special, and to my surprise when I last visited my home and my mom prepared Masala dosa for me, this was how Masala Dosa became a part of my family.

Talking about the weather of Bangalore will be childish, but I want to mention this, this was the only reason I joined some Bangalore based NGO's and NDTV initiative "Greenathon" to save trees, I am still waiting for my baby trees to grow which I have planted near the old air port road, one day they will grant me shade and I can strum my Guitar under them. Bangalore taught me everything, Brought everything out of me, sculptured me to ''what I am", and this is the only reason why I can't just leave Bangalore and kept postponing my plans to leave Bangalore every year, from last 8 years. Some stays, some go, many blames, but I want to keep it simple, then I started believing in one more phrase "Home, Away from home" and while many still don't accept me I humbly bow in front of them and add one of my own phrase "Being South Indian", as I am turning to be one and promise myself to enrich my future generation to adapt both these rich cultures from far east to far south.

August 02, 2011, I am happy today and I do use the phrase "Bhai, salpa adjust madi", and offer "masala dosa" and "besi belli bath" to my friends, It's the wonderful 8 years of my life and still going strong, I can now proudly say "namma Bangaluru Rocks".

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