Electricity takes over a major part of our daily life. It is one of the very few most important gifts of science that makes our life easier. We cannot imagine our life without electricity. All of our daily life gadgets including lights, television, computer, refrigerators, washing machine etc. run by electricity. It is used in every industry to run small and large machineries. Without electricity, we will just return to the Stone Age. But the problem we face is with the increasing electric bills.

The government of the countries are responsible for the electric supply to the people of the country. In exchange to that, the government charges a fee against the usage of electricity. The bill is determined against per unit of electricity used by the consumer.

The electric unit

The unit of electricity is calculated on per hour use. The scientific unit of electricity is Watt which is a very little quantity. To make it easier for calculation, the unit for billing, the watt is multiplied with 1000 and called kilowatt.

The time is determined in terms of hour, but first it is determined in minutes and then calculated in hours by multiplied by 60. The total used kilowatt of electric supply is divided by the total used hours for a month is the kilowatt per hour. The government fixed a charge for per unit of kilowatt per hour and the user has to pay for the total kilowatt per hour electricity he used in a month.

Reducing the bill amount

The best way to reduce the amount of electricity bills is by reducing the use. In many house it is occasionally seen that the lights or other electric equipments are running even if they have no use or there is no one in the room to use those tools. This is the most important and useful method to reduce the bill amount. This is also a useful technique to reduce the power cuts problems in the developing countries. Most of these countries have a lower rate of educated people and they are not aware of the effect of wasting the power supply.

In a residential house, the common equipments that increase the electric unit meter very fast are the washing machine, air conditioner and vacuum cleaner. It is possible to reduce the electric charge by reducing the use of these tools.

There are some electrical machines that use lower power supply. Using those tools can reduce the monthly electric bill. For example, the energy lights bulbs are more electricity saver than conventional filament light bulbs. Another example is the new generation LCD or HD monitors or televisions; which are much more power saver than the traditional CRT monitors.

You can also try using the solar panel in your house. For them, you have to pay only once, but you can use them for a very long time. So you can save a lot of money in a long run. These solar cell systems can store electric power in the daytime and provide that power at night to run different electric machines.

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