The British/African Briggs family have come to be known as one of the the very prominent names in West African (Nigerian) activism, social prominence and wealth.

Chief Young Briggs in the 19th century in West Africa was known to be a great warrior, after discovering the Kalabari Kingdom with a group of fellow warriors, Briggs was named leader (King) of Abonnema. Abonnema was rich with pal kernel and with this the kingdom became not only major exporters or pal kernel but also major exporters of pal kernel oil and palm oil, with the richness of oil in the south, kalabari kingdom grew to become one of West Africa's and South Nigeria's richest areas.

The Briggs family and leaders of this town were big benefactors, Chief Young Briggs then sent one of his sons, Kio Abel Briggs to the United Kingdom where he studied and worked as a marine engineer, upon completing his studies Briggs went back to Abonnema, to help with further developing the oil potential and taking over as ruler of the kingdom. During his spell in the United Kingdom he had a daughter (Annie-Marie Briggs) she grew up between continents spending most of the time with her father. After living in Africa, United Kingdom and the United states Annie-Marie also known as Annkio Briggs returned to West Africa where she began work as a human rights activist and the Agape Birthrights Non-governmental organisation of which she is currently director and founder.

She works in the South-South area of Niger delta, using family wealth and resources to help with developing areas, documenting and cleaning oil spill and fighting for the South-south to have a more powerful voice in the country. She continues to work internationally with other organisations including amnesty international.

Other members of the British/African Briggs family include great grandson of Chief Young Briggs Kio David Briggs II and Great Grand daughter Kioba Ebony-Marie Briggs. Both of whom live and were brought up in the United Kingdom. Both known for amongst many other things for their sporting endeavours, in Polo, Sailing, and athletics.

The Briggs family are known also for their social prominence, with donations to causes such as Universities, museums and other human right endeavours. Kio D.Briggs II is also known in the London social scene, he is also known to be have friendships and acquainted with members of the British royal family,Prince Philippos (youngest son of deposed King Constantine of Greece) and with certain members of the reality TV soap ''Made in Chelsea''.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am an African studies student from America currently researching in Nigeria.