The fortune 500 companies play the vital role in country's growth. This is due to the fact that they concentrate on the quality and segment the market. They focus to lead the market by matching the customer's requirements and deliver them good quality. There are number of methods that will help to make your company recognized.


There should be particular aim or slogan of your company which highlights your goal towards the customer or clients in market. The slogan line should be attractive and fascinate the customer's attention. The slogan line should not be lengthy it must be short and simple. The words used in the sentence must be meaningful. You can easily lead the top position in the market if you have good slogan line along with good quality of the product.


There must be specific description of your company. In this section, it is essential to mention the product details of your company. What is the name of the field you are working with? What are the special achievements of your company? All these details should be provided in the entitled content. It should clearly indicate that how your company is working for meeting with customers requirements. If there are regular good customers involved and happy with the product your company is selling, then you can include there feedback percentage ratio.

Feedback Policy

The customer feedback may be taken as soon as you deliver the product from your company. In this way, you will be able to know the product result. If the customer is satisfied then you will get the positive feedback and simultaneously more order. At this situation, you may realise that you complete one task. Moreover, the customer will automatically preach about your product to other peoples and bring more customers for you.

Ignorance to queries, unsolved question result into decreasing the company's growth and recipient's reliability broken out. The company is thrown up in the last position if there is no view of customer orientation. If the customer is not satisfied with product then his/her complaints should be immediately solved giving high priority.

The final result of the product delivery is such that it should bring smile on customer's face.

Product delivery

The product delivery that is done by the company should also be perfect and within the deadline as this is very important for the success of the company. This is one method of identifying a Fortune 500 company.

Mission statement

A company should have mission statement. Obviously, in this section, there should be short ideal view what you are focusing in order to satisfy customer. You can indicate there points such as targeting the market with quality products and better services at reasonable prices as well as the benefits for our consumer. The mission statement should not be more than 5 to 6 lines. It should explain more in small sentence.

All the above points are very much important if you want your company get recognized.

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