Holy human respect from god Jesus the holy spirit from love birth of God for each all human life in the entire world. The respect from God freed all human life to human rights life with dignity for all people. No religion has any God given right to degrade damn any human life born of God on earth.

Jesus lived died for holy human freedom care respect for all people Jesus have life to death for end to sin this very human right. God Jesus the holy spirit are a worldwide holy human birth right from love of God for all races nations. The respect of God came in complete human holy freedom God loves humanity knows human life's great need human will spirit to live free.

The birth respect of of God comes with each every human birth right are children of God born as Jesus was to Mother Mary. The teaching of hate for any life reason breaks all God birth right truth love sharing of Jesus as human life's only holy human teachers. From My street life God found my life full of all human hate Jesus came unto my thoughts why you hate any life disrespect god yourself.

hate of God children Jesus teaches degrades God birth right children born in all races nations cultures. God birth life love in Jesus the holy spirit covers all human life on God earth every man woman child. The love from God Jesus the holy spirit is not by race religion nation man woman yet all human beings born of God as Mother Mary to Jesus. Respect for all God children includes the right from God to live think choose love think as each child of God wants.

Hating God children takes all God freed humanity Jesus lived taught teaches suffered died for away from all human life on earth. Human rights freedom love respect dignity life with God Jesus the holy spirit is the healing of all the world lived today. Think human beings truth God loves human children so much God let Jesus be born teaches live put the death on the cross to end all life of hell on earth today.

These are the inhuman sins Jesus died in light of the holy spirit which is of the human spirit will in each human life on God earth. God freedom brings the holy human need to care respect seek peace equality into all human life families nations religions on God earth. Respect care help heal God earth children faith life humanity. Amen

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God Jesus the holy spirit the respect of all God children born from the hand of God Jesus as Jesus was to Mother Mary. share in God birth right respect accepting of all human life for hate life hates God all Jesus died for human life free will spirit. Birth right holy human truth of all human life