Do you know what you have to recycle and what you have to toss out with your regular trash? In the following guidelines, the professional cleaning London team is going to help you by sharing the top 5 things that you should recycle.

There is always a moment when each one of us gets too lazy to recycle. However, you should always try to think about the benefits and how you help the Earth and preserve your health. The cleaners London are going to explain to you which are the top 5 things that you should recycle in the instructions below. Read the short guide and start the greener life.

1. Batteries are in category: "Many people don't even know that they can be recycled.". However, you are maybe full of old used batteries. It's important to recycle them, because they contain very dangerous and harmful chemicals, but they are very easy to recycle.

2. Another unusual recyclable material, these are the clothes. Occasionally, we all make a big clean-up of our closets. Then it's time for recycling! Here, recycling is not in its pure meaning. We talk about donating or reusing these clothes. If your clothing is good enough to be worn, you should donate it. If they can't be donated, the cleaning London team advises you to reuse the clothes as rags.

3. Appliances also contain harmful chemicals. That's why you can recycle them very easily in your local recycling centre. If it's just old, but still usable again, you can give your appliances to someone who actually needs them or to a friend who will very creative and will reuse them in some other ways.

4. Glass never has to be thrown away! Never! Why? The cleaners London will give you the best reason! Glass be recycled endlessly. That means, it can be reused over and over again. This material can be reused or recycled very easily. For example, you can make flower vases or to collect coins in it.

5. Take a look around! We are all surrounded by cardboard - shoe boxes, cereal boxes, etc. Cardboards as paper, come from the trees! One recycled tone from this material can save 20 trees. So is there any reason not to recycle it?

These were just a few of the things that you should always recycle. Never forget the books, cans, newspapers and magazines, plastic bottles. Believe me, "the top 5 things that you should recycle" list doesn't include all the items that you should not bin, but separate from the trash. For more tips, contact the cleaning London specialists. They will help you with their instant answers.Prepare all of your questions and "shoot" them.

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