Job --this is something every one craves for when he/she gets a degree or completes his/her choice course of basic education.

We friends , who studied together from school onwards , a few years back , after school , entered college. We went in different directions from school , based on our choice of ourse of education , we opted.

During college times also , we used to meet once in few months and shared our college experiences and also plans for the future regarding career to be taken up.

Some choose science courses , viz mathematics, chemistry, physics and so on. It was a three year course . Among these ,after three years course, just after getting degree, some opted for bank exams and settled as clerk/officer in banks. Some went as teaching assistant to take up teaching as a profession. They went to study in part time , " education " as as subject and also did post graduation and some of them did P.hd.. They are now professors/assistant professor etc.

One batch among us , studied engineering , a four year course. After the course , some wrote engineering services exam and settled in the government service. Some went for IT sector. A good number of them went abroad after writing GRE and TOFEL exams , to study MS. After MS most of them got jobs and settled abroad .

A few returned back and took up jobs in R&D and manufacturing sector here.

A few were lucky to go the medical stream .

Recently we all met and were recapturing the great and joyous moments and sometimes tense moments in the journey from school till now.

Most of us are settled now and are able to calmly sit and recollect the events.

First factor was the choice of course to take viz engineering , science courses or commerce and accounts related courses etc . Some also directly took up air-conditioning , refrigeration , plumbing, electrical etc like vocational courses.

Some took decision based on opinions of seniors and parents , relatives etc . Some consulted their teachers.

Also the trend in the industry , as seen in the news , also contributed in the decision making process.

Once the course is decided , the second issue was to get the seat in the college of their choice and also the particular course, as nowadays competition is so severe. Here another factor was the fee to be paid and the distance form home to avoid long travel etc.

Having joined the course of their choice , the next area of concentration , was to get , in addition to the subject knowledge , communication skills and additional knowledge like learning new language , extra courses to update the field of knowledge etc. This is very much required to get the value addition required to get good jobs and make ourselves more wanted by the companies.

Interview preparation and competitive exam preparation was another major mile stone to reach.

Interview was either one to one or one person being interviewed by a panel of interviewers and also one has to prepare for group discussions. Here one more requirement came out in that our general knowledge has to be updated , as otherwise we cannot effectively participate in group discussions and/or answer queries in interviews.
one of our friends , who has comparatively reached a much higher level than others , gave a tip for interview. HE said , our approach towards interview should not be to prove our worth . Rather it should be slightly modified and our aim or goal should be to just present ourselves in full to the interview panel and allow them to evaluate us and we have to just put up our best efforts. We need not worry about , whether we can satisfy them or not etc.

The list of things to be prepared for may be categorised as follows.

Educational qualifications , communication skill, hobbies ( which can help your mind and body to relax) , General knowledge , Improving our writing and editing skills in general , Speicialised knowledge in the particular area of the job profile , Getting to know more about the company before the interview etc . There are different online forums like glassdoor , quara , google etc which can give lot of information in these aspects.

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