'Death is a great leveler' people say! Death causes us to be depressed and sad. It makes people to worry about how life would have been if the dead person had lived. There are many times when we have a person in the family passing away and it causes a great deal of stress and trauma to all the people in the family. Death of course is a time of grief and sorrow because the person has left us in the world and gone to be with the Father.

As a Christian, do we need to worry and fret for the person who has passed away? Certainly not. We do worry and feel sad which is a natural and normal phenomenon. That is because we are physically not able to see the person who has passed away and we are upset about it. We also miss the person who has passed away. Each of these thoughts make us sick with worry and we grieve a lot. Remember, this is only a feeling that we feel physically as humans.

As children of God, do we really need to worry if a family member has passed away? There are times when one of our family members may have been sick and gone through a lot of trouble. Do we really worry because the person passed away after suffering a lot? It is human to think so and fret, but if you think from the perspective of the person who has passed away, I am sure that the person would not be sad.

As a person passes away, they have finished a short phase of their life and have gone back to join eternal life with the Father. We have a Kingdom for us and we can be part of it. The fact that we have eternal life there and we do not think of worldly things is great positive news. If your loved one suffered a lot before their death, then you should be happy that God has taken them away to be happier than the life in the world.

It is very difficult to think in this way because we always think of the worldly things more than the things that are beyond this world. Eternal life is the Gift of God to each one of us and we should all aim to achieve it. Each minute of our life should be focused towards the goal of achieving eternal life. The world is only a passing phase and we are just placed here to get us ready for the happiness ever after.

If a family member has passed away and you are depressed, just remember that we too will pass away one day and be in the arms of Jesus, but once you enter eternal life, you are a new being. The same has happened to your loved one too. They are safe and happy in the arms of Jesus n eternal life and you do not need to worry for them, but instead give thanks with a grateful heart for all the happy memories that you have of that person and also Thank God for the life of that person.

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