Life is all about living . For living we perform actions . When we start any work , we generally plan. For example , if we go for an interview, we prepare ourselves well and then somebody wishes us good luck. What they intend to do by wishing ? Increase our self confidence by their wish , or remind us not to worry about success or failure of the interview and that they are to support you either way. So indirectly we believe in some power , other than the basic preparations we do , for any such act.

That power is termed as GOD.

IF you take any religion followed in the world , there is TIME PERIOD SPECIFIED , as to when the religion started . The oldest religion seems to be about 5000 years ago.We all relate god in some form or other to religion. There are few who may not believe in any religion of the world , but still believe in god. Some of them relate god to nature.

Just want to share some of the opinions which came out of the brain storming sessions we had.

GOD is the creator , maintainer as well as the destroyer of things as per one opinion. WE human beings also create , maintain and destroy. Are we creators or have some power of god ?

How exactly we can define god ? Can god be defined ? He is the creator as well as the creation. So abstract is the character of god that it cannot be fully defined. AT the most we can say that GOD is ever pervading omnipresent etc.

Why should we know about god ?

All of us at some point of time or other , have faced situations , where we have felt totally helpless or not able to comprehend the reason for some happenings. AT those moments , to move on further in life , either we ourselves , or due to the words of those near to us , take it all as god's plan , accept what has happened and move on.

For example , we can look at things in two ways.
One -everything has been microprogrammed by somebody that he/she/it(god) has decided that you the reader will be reading this article of mine at this present point of time.
Second-Gave written this article by inspiration by seeing this website on google search . You wanting to read article or write articles , was searching for websites and landed here . MY article happened to be at the top and you read it. It is all a bit of plan and probability or chance.

Now the question is , if things are happening because of chance , how to make things happen for us the way want them. We have to prepare , plan and be ready for changes in plan , if needed and execute our actions in the best way possible. We should try to get all possible information and also interpret them or use the information effectively. After all this , still a bit of doubt or fear do exist in us. We require some more power or enthusiasm or encouragement. We may get it from our friends and neighbours. Still some of us may feel that the friend or neighbour may not be with me at the time of interview, for example.SO where to get the extra strength required.
That is where faith in god or power of god helps. Some people carry a lucky pen to write examination. Some wear lucky shirt . Some carry photos of god they like. Some say prayers before entering the interview room. The way of seeking god can vary. But most of us do look for that support from god .
We try to define god in our own way and keep him with us in the form we like or believe and seek strength from him.

Whichever religion you belong to , believe in that religion , follow the basic tenets of that religion and have faith in yourself as well as in others around you.

God bless all.

Finally , believe in god , but lock your car .

About Author / Additional Info:
Thanks to this website and the earlier website "writeartcilces .org" , have been very much encouraged to write articles.

Hope it gives pleasure to you readers and inspires you to share your views

Good day.