Why outsourcing IT support is important for non-IT businesses

Information Technology (IT) and IT enabled services play a vital role in business operations. From large scale corporations to small and medium businesses (SMBs), companies across industry verticals depend upon IT services for their daily functioning.

Why outsource your IT needs?

Most companies however find IT services and related technical aspects out of their business scope. Often companies end up spending a fortune in acquiring IT infrastructure which may not be suitable for their needs. Further the design and installation of the procured equipment is also not in keeping with their specific requirements.
Also maintenance and support calls for an in-house team of technicians. All this involves considerable investment of time, money, personnel and other resources with the end result being far from satisfactory. Most business administrators and top management in companies find that much of their crucial time is spent in addressing IT issues.

Stay competitive

Today for several non-IT businesses, core business activities like manufacturing, sales or providing service to customers are based upon proper functioning of their IT systems. Something like a server downtime for a few hours can result in loss of productivity or lost business something which no company can afford in these competitive times.
Outsourcing IT support services has emerged as a noteworthy trend over the last few years due to the above reasons. Companies have found they can cut costs significantly while at the same time get access to a high level of quality.

Benefits of outsourcing IT support services in a nutshell

• Cost reduction
• Consistent Network connectivity
• Complete technical support for Hardware and software issues
• Rapid response time
• Pro-active monitoring to reduce issues like server downtime
• Data backup at regular intervals
• Providing upgrades for optimum system performance
• Anti-virus, Anti-spyware and Firewalls to ensure security
• 24/7 Helpdesk facility

Service level agreements

Outsourcing also ensures that companies get a firm commitment in the form of a service level agreement (SLA). The SLA spells out the contract details that are to be strictly adhered to by the service provider for a monthly fee.

This has permitted companies to better forecast their revenues as well as have a scalable model with respect to their IT expenses. Also with timely reports being provided companies can come to know the details of all network activity along with determining returns on investment.

Quality equipment and better productivity

Outsourcing has enabled SMBs to avail of state-of-the art networking equipment in the form of sophisticated data centers managed by expert IT professionals. The benefits are there for everyone to see in the form of reduced downtime, better network security and zero data loss.
Outsourcing IT support provides companies with a secure and stable technical environment at all times. This contributes to a sense of well being which translates into increased productivity and turnover. Several companies have benefitted immensely from these services resulting in a better performance vis-à-vis their competitors.

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