Management is such a word that anyone can explain the meaning of it by saying that it is to manage things or anything you handle. But do really these definitions can explain management? If we discuss for management then there are lot of things will come in picture. There is nothing like sure that this is what management is. To put forward in a simple terms "Management is an art of getting or engaging people in a wok with organized process to achieve the goal or objective of the program in an effective and efficient manner".

When things do happen and results do come out then why there is a necessity of Management is the question strikes our mind. For Ex: In a school children do play cricket (Gully or street cricket) matches and they get results out of it. But if you observe keenly these are cricket matches only but not organized or presented well to attract audience. Let's take other example where a student studies hard, works hard, but he is not able to manage the time and syllabus to study and meet the exams on time with completion of curriculum. Whereas the other student is always relaxed and reads with a perfect plan and schedule to meet the exams with completed syllabus. If we observe both the example then we can find that in both the cases they are getting results but the later one with better results. Then what does really missing from the earlier one, Yes Planning, Organising, controlling, on time, scheduling, efficiency are missing. In a simple terms Management is the summation of all these things.

Managing a group of people with a target cannot be achieved with a proper plan and control. For Ex: Each organization does have sales teams. In which few people gets succeeded with their targets whereas the others cannot. This may happen with other reasons attached to it. But if we analyse then there will be something missing from the above mentioned words.

Then to understand better, Management is the summation of steps to achieve the results on right time with efficiency and by optimum utilization of resources.

The steps are

Research-Planning- organizing-staffing-leading-implementing or executing- controlling or monitoring- solving issues- finding innovation- results-Analysis.

These are broadly categorized as the steps of Management but there are lot of pin points or small things includes in it. Small small things summation makes a professional approach which plays a major role in a corporate world management. It includes lot of things under its kitty. Management can be of Human resource, Finance, Technology, Natural, Logistics, Sales and marketing and so on. There are wide array of segments under management. As this world is growing with corporate skills and techniques same the way management is growing with new segments under the path. As the world and work will grow then for sure there will be an increase in the staffing, which needs a leader or organizer to manage this for an effective output. Hence in the same manner management grows too.

Because of the sharp increase in the number of segments there is a direct proportion on the B-Schools numbers. These B Schools mould the students with lot of concepts and case studies to manage the corporate world.

If we go ahead on discussing management then I believe there are lot of things which needs attention to include in the topic. Management is like an ocean. It will take a long space for briefing. But to make it short: "Management is required to achieve the results in an efficient manner".

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