Dharamshala is the place situated in the northern India. It is in the Himachal Pradesh and district of Kangra. The place is well known for its snow fall and cold weather. It is the home of Dalai Lama. It is a complete tourism spot. The area is developed on the basis of Tourism. The meaning of the place is spiritual dwelling.

Here the cricket association is HPCA (Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association) and they have done a great thing to maintain a first class stadium at Dharamshala. It is really good to have such things. It gives us and the place an outlook to tell the world.

The stadium was developed with flood lights to play the IPL matches (Kings XI, KKR, and CSK). It was really good thought to organize such a tournament. Here the players from the entire corner arrive, and it gives them a pleasure to feel the experience of the place.

The two matches that were played in the IPL gave cherishment to the team and audience too. It gives the audience a breath taking view. They can find a beautiful culture. It is a mix of Tibetan and Indian. After these two matches of IPL we can have a clear idea that the stadium is fit for the International Cricket matches.

The best time to play cricket here is March-June and September-December, because of the weather at this time the seam bowlers may get help. It is a good stadium with all facilities. The stadium may develop more if some more matches are organized here.

It is the time to think the Government and BCCI to think of some more stadiums in the same kind of locations. This may help the Tourism sector of India too. It is better to start working on such kind of places for the more development. Cricket is such a game that everyone would love to watch. Hence it will be good if some more development takes place on the behalf of cricket.

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