An hour at a clinic
My kid was not well. Had stomach ache . We went to a clinic to consult a doctor.

The clinic was having two doctors , one a gynaecologist and the other a paediatrician. There was aone common waiting room and it was flooded with patients. There were some chairs and they were filled and lot of patients were standing and waiting for their turn.
The waiting room had the latest airconditioner, looking similar to a air cooler and just sufficiently giving coolness to the room.

One patient standing near to the door was voluntarily acting as door opener , particularly for those medical representatives carrying medicines in both hands and for the ladies carrying kids in their hands.
There was a fish tank. It had multicoloured fishes of small and lareg sizes , happily moving in the aquarium. The tank was well lit and with fountains adding to the already beautiful view.

Children were standing near the tank , touching the tank and driving fish by their hand movement. Some children without realizing that there was glass wall, trying to touch and catch the fish by hand.
One or two children were getting restless and crying and /or making noises .
The pharmacy was also inside the waiting room and busy selling medicines to the patients.
Some patients were watching the movie songs in the television. Some were playing games in the mobile phones. Some of them were listening to songs with their headsets on.
Some were chanting slogas silently. Some were doing mudra and other exercises with their fingers .
Some children were seeing their height and weight with the scale on the wall and the small portable weighing machine at one corner.
One or two mosquitoes had entered during the opening and closing of the doors and were disturbing a few patients. They were frantically trying to catch the mosquitoes by clapping their hands.

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