SAP is data processing software unlike any other software languages or database, which was invented in the year 1977. It was first founded with the aspect of financial and accounting which involves large repository of data stored in the database. SAP programming applications are stored in the database and they are loaded from the database only. There are various modules under SAP such as logistics (sub modules are MM, PP, SD, WM, QM and PS), FICO and HR. The programming languages under SAP are SAP ABAP, BASIS, CRM, FICO and HR.

Various departments and organizations utilize SAP in its functions. Many functionalities can be performed through SAP such as operations, payroll, sales management, HR, finance, warehouse management and trade. Even some commercial stores, sales industries, trading units, transportation firms and military make use of SAP. Also the salary packages offered for SAP consultants and programmers are best in the market and they can have ever green high progressing career throughout their life.

ABAP is Advanced Business Application Product. There are various functions under SAP ABAP such as forms and SMART reporting, SAP Scripts, ALE, BDC and Data Conversions. SAP ABAP can also run applications in Java and other OOP programming languages. Under SAP ABAP, there are repository of development objects such as programs, definitions of database tables and global types. SAP ABAP implements many transactional codes for handling and controlling large repository units.

There are many openings for all SAP functional modules throughout India and abroad. Alghanim industries in the Gulf region hires SAP professionals under various functional modules. Alghanim is the largest privately owned companies in the Gulf region and a MNC company having its branches around 40 countries. All the positions are open in Kuwait and it employs candidates over 60 various countries.

Alghanim recruits SAP ABAP Specialists who have sound knowledge in ABAP with other logistics modules and who have experience and exposure to Forms and Reporting, BAPI, RFC, SAP Scripts, BDC, Dialog programming and Data Conversions.

The applicants should be BE/MCA/MBA or CA/ICWA graduates from reputed institutes having SAP certification in appropriate SAP modules. Experience in Engineering, Construction or FMCG will be preferred.

The interested candidates can visit Alghanim website under "IT section". They can also refer to the Jobsdada website under the job category "Software".

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