There is a popular Jewish wisdom folktale which contains a very important lesson that relates to the Buddhist concept of "impermanence." It goes like this ... One day, the boy Solomon (who later became the King of Israel and is considered to be one of the 48 prophets) saw the goldsmith, who works for King David's palace, prancing around with a desperate and sad demenour. On enquiring, Solomon came to know that the Goldsmith had to make a gold ring for the king, within 7 days, with an inscription on it which would help the king not to be very happy and forget the divine truth at happy moments and at the same time it should also help him not to lose his heart when he is facing failures and desperation. Solomon thought for a while and told the Goldsmith to inscribe the following words on the ring.. "This too shall pass". Every situation is temporary and realizing this profound philosophy will help us to overcome our doubts, worries, and stress and enable us to enjoy all the good things in life, without the fear of losing them. Whatever has begun will end and whatever that has ended will have a new beginning.

The Mornings depict a freshness and sense of vitality. As the sun's rays grace our physical being, we feel cleaned and energized. There is something in it. That is why people often say that "Every day is a new day". It's a new beginning. The onus is on us to take that liveliness and carry it forward through out the day. Warren Buffet, a world renowned business magnate, philanthropist and one of the most successful investors in the whole world, embraces certain valuable tenets in life. Of them, the most interesting one is to "Go to bed a little wiser than when you woke up". Life is all about learning. Good or bad, experiences always count. If we are constantly learning, then there is no way we can lose. By continuously adding value to ourselves and the people around us, we can make valuable contributions to the growth of the organisation where we work / society where we thrive.

Another year has passed by, leaving a collage of memories. We might have forgotten the resolutions that we made last year. Well, its time to remember them now and implement it with gusto. With the new dawn on the anvil, it is time to gear up for the challenges with renewed vigour and zest and to make a difference with our concerted efforts and determination. "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step". Let us open a new chapter in our life and embellish it with our pursuits for individual excellence.

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2012!

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