Nobody except Grandma like those cheesy grin shots of children: today's trends in children's photography puts the focus on when a child is being natural and free of pressure, and these shots end up being the most precious.

How is it possible to capture these moments? What is the best way to avoid those too-posed looking photos and have your child looking natural; not like he wants to high tail it out of there at the first chance?

You, as the photographer, have to be willing to take a step back and view from afar, if you want to capture the beauty and innocence of a child being free and himself. And exactly what does this mean? But hang on, aren't photographers meant to get out there and shoot?

Being in a child's face is not the way to get a natural looking photo! The easiest trick in the book is to invest in a telephoto lens, one you can use to zoom in, allowing your child to be free to be himself. This will allow you to be some distance away from he child, letting them play, without them feeling like they have the pressure on.

Another great trick is to take photos of your child in a place they love being in: somewhere where they can totally relax and be themselves. If this means enjoying the pleasures of a bubble bath, then so be it! Observe how they react in their own special environment and be ready to snap some shots! Take a photo of their joyous little face they discover the tooth fairy has been or when they buy their first sweet all on their own. Could you think of anything more endearing?

There will be times when you can't find the time to take professional portraits. Have you thought about capturing everyday moments instead of a "real" portrait session? This type of photography can look very funky in black and white! Everyday life as art! How about a shot of your little one concentrating on brushing their hair in the mirror or document the moment you discover them drawing on the walls! (It'll be funny later, trust me). Or give her your lipstick to give herself a makeover and be sure you have your camera on you!

Getting down on your child's eye level will produce great photos. Don't be boring and take all your shots from the same view point. Get on the floor. By doing this, you are taking the photography from the perspective of the child giving a more natural look to your photograph.

If your child is looking like they might just pull a tantrum and you really want to take their photo: give them something to do with their hands. How about threading some beads? What about using some child safe scissors and letting them cut up some bright paper? Or give them a piece of chocolate mud cake and watch their face come alive. All it takes is to just think outside the box when it comes to making them comfortable.

Another tip? Keep it simple. Remember to keep an eye on the background too. Avoid a distracting background at all cost as it really shifts the focus away from the child. And I really hate this: Trees and plants looking like they miraculously grow from some poor person's head. So keep a look out for this in the background of your photos! Remember you want your child to stand out the most.

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