What are the topics a writer can write about. There are innumerable subjects in the world to write on. Also it can cover a wide range of things from stars to galaxy to atmosphere to the different planets and star etc . It can further relate to animals, birds, human life, technology, religion etc.
Again newspapers themselves have a variety of topics to cover in writing viz sports information , sports events coverage, analysis of sports events, news in general , letters to the editor, editorial , analysis in detail of politics, technology, employment , career etc.
Now with internet being used mass scale, web world is much bigger than the real world. Of course , sometimes in the web world , due to technology advancement, difference between real and virtual web world is very less.

With the net , we can do everything sitting away from major cities. Only requirement is a good internet connection . Solar power /energy can be used for electrical consumptions. On line , we can order dress, food, ornaments, gadgets , cookware, food items, vegetables, provisions etc. Even medical assistance can be done online. There are gadgets for monitoring BP,Sugar etc . We can get the test done ourselves
And then send the reports online. Using video conference, the doctors and patients can interact . The doctors can conduct diagnosis from a distance. They can even suggest medication , and medicines can be ordered online.
There are instruments to measure and tell how much we have to walk , monitor our activities from sleeping time to watching television etc. They can even warn us if we exceed the limits, for example , by taking more sugar , or sleep more , or wearing the wrong combination of dress etc.
Basically , it is a question of just a bit of planning and programming of the devices ; We can then go ahead with our routine , with reminders and suggestions and also warning by the different gadgets around us. The children can move around freely and the parents can monitor them through RFID.
We talk about the creator who created us and the universe. We are nowadays creating world ourselves. Of course , the question still remains ; whether the world we are creating is as good as the world , we have lived through.
It all may be basically related to our thought process , which has gone through a sea change in the last decade, due to the rapid advancement of technology and the information transmission revolution.

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