The last thing anyone wants over the Christmas period is a bad back from not moving furniture correctly, it is even worse if you have guests coming to stay. There are five simple rules to follow. These methods are ideal for small furniture moving or large heavy bulky items such as wardrobes and other bedroom furniture.

1. Remember to leave yourself plenty of time, moving furniture in a rush will lead to problems, as dragging or lifting items with minutes to spare will increase the risk of back strain or at the very least a pulled muscle.

2. Try and move furniture around later in the day and avoid shifting heavy wardrobes or sofa's around less than an hour after you have woken. The simple reason being is the body's muscles and joints are naturally a little stiffer in the morning and trying to move furniture with a body that has not woken up yet is asking for a problem to crop up.

3. Another common reason for injuries occurring whilst moving furniture is not clearing a pathway, make sure the dog bed is put to one side and there are no children's toys lining your route, a slip or trip on one of these could knock you sideways for more than the Christmas period. If moving furniture from different levels, try and remove any child gates barring the stairs, as extra exertion lifting over these man-made obstacles could lead to a strain.

4. One the main rules when lifting furniture or any other item that has a good weight about it, is to have all of your body facing in one direction, no turning from the waist or hips and hoisting from this position. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and ensure your shoulders are facing the same way. Lift with your knees, keep arms bent and keep your back straight.

5. Although this is mainly about moving furniture, especially heavy bedroom furniture and sofas, don't forget to take care with lighter items such as lamps and small side tables, as many muscle strains happen because you were lifting from the wrong position, no matter the weight of the item, take care when doing any lifting, always check position.

By following these five simple rules, you can increase the chance of remaining back strain free and avoid muscle damage by moving furniture for your guests' arrival or even the entrance of the tree you have bought.

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