There are different dimensions of nature which we experience on a day to day basis. AM trying to make a study of the basic things of nature as we experience on a day to basis.

There are basically five elements. Water, earth/sand/land, space /sky, air/wind and fire/heat.
If we take earth, below the earth we plane seeds. Seeds become sapling,creepers,plants and trees . plants have leaves , then flowers and fruits and from the fruits , we get the seeds and the cycle goes on. Trees have branches . There are different type of leaves from small ones in plants to coconut tree leaves to palm leaves. The leaves have a variety of uses from eating them raw to cooking and eating to making items out of them.
Flowers are used for decorating and also for puja purposes . Some women also put them on their hair as decoration.

The five elements can be seen immediately around us. The land where we stand or live is the earth . The space inside our own mouth for example is the space. The heat in our body is the fire. Water generated in our body viz saliva is the water element. The air we breathe in and out is the air element. Thus the five basic elements are present just in and around us.
Next if we take the sky, there are stars, the sun , the moon and then the planets. Then there are the clouds . From the clouds, we get rain and through the rain , water. There are different sources of water viz ponds, tanks, wells, river, lakes , sea, bay and ocean.
Then there are the deserts, islands, peninsulas, mountains , snow covered peaks , icelands, etc .
There are five types of landscapes viz Agricultural lands , desert, sea shore, mountainous region and forest.
Then if we take flowers , there are various shapes and colours . Fruits again are of various shapes, colours and tastes. The leaves again though mostly green , they are also available in different shapes, colours and designs.
There are five basis tastes viz sweet, sour, bitter, spicy/pungent ,astringent and salty

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