The only way to get business leads is by making the leads attracted to you, to have them look for you, period.

I know what you may be thinking: gee thanks, I knew that, easier said than done! It was only a a few weeks ago that I learned how to get new business leads I, like many of you, talked to my family about this amazing opportunity that I found, just to realize that nobody really cared about it. I was desperately trying to sell this opportunity to people that were not interested at all, as a matter of fact, as soon as they realized it had something to do with multilevel marketing, they found all the reasons why they wouldn't want to join.

So here is what I found:

The only way to generate business leads is by having people who are looking for what you offer (not your family, or friends, or strangers who want nothing to do with MLMs) find you.

That is it!! Go over the last paragraph again and make sure that you fully get this concept. It isn't you looking for leads anymore. It isn't you the one who needs them anymore. It's them searching for YOU! Now, isn't that a great idea?

So the next difficulty is, how do you get found by leads? Well, the answer is quite simple. Just ask yourself, what you do when you are searching for anything online? You Google it, right? The point here is that if your website was on the top page of Google, you would get a lot of visitors, a lot of exposure, and inevitably you would finally get MLM leads.

I hope that you are understanding this model. Trying to sell something is hard, and even harder if you are trying to sell it to people who are not interested. Mike Dillard, the genius behind Magnetic Sponsoring, couldn't have given a better example: "You cannot sell a steak to a vegetarian." Think about it. My upline sponsor kept telling me to go out and talk to everybody I could and to get at least two leads per day. Come on, how do you expect me to get two leads when I am talking to people who frown at the concept of MLM and think it is a scam?

Aim your focus and resources at making your information visible to those who are looking for it. Do some research on how to get your site on the top page of Google. Find tools that can help you in getting MLM leads. There is so much information online. There are even methods with which you can make money while generating leads. I no longer hunt people around. I don't waste my efforts anymore with cold leads. Now people find me just like you did, because I know how to rank high on search engines, and you can too!

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