It's 11th March and around 9.35am we- Arvind, Jiten and me reached at borivali station and heading towards 11th day of GMCS training, after cracking our CA exam, at Thakur college, kandivali.
We usually get Auto quickly but sometimes as at 9.30am some passenger train also arrive at borivali because of which most of auto are packed as this passengers full their pockets with long trip (borivali-goregaon) making around 300 bucks.

Arvind in hurry and nervously said 'Shit man, today we will get late'
'Auto', I shouted
'Yes, 'one autowala replied
'Thakur College, shyam Nagar', arvind asked as if this is the last trip to heaven.

We all three jumped into the auto and jiten was last to get inside as today was his turn to pay auto fare.
He started and rolled his meter...

'What Man feeling very bore' I started conversation like every day I do (by removing my headphone from ears) so that we don't get bore as Thakur College or last trip to heaven (according to arvind) was for around 20mins.

Arvind replied 'let it be, we have no other option as it is Compulsory Course so we need to go as attendance is 100%'.
'Jiten, kuch toh bol', I urged
'Mujhe sab chalta hai,I dnt care' jiten at his best quality of ignoring at the same time living life at his full.

Suddenly our autowala to other autowala 'Man your auto not running properly there is some problem with back parts?'
'Yes there is and I know', other autowala replied.
'Where you are going?' he asked
'Here only, goregaon' (borivali-goregaon atleast 50mins by auto) he replied
'Sir, just watch he won't able to reach goregaon '. He is having passenger with luggage, you only tell me can he?
Hmmm....ofcourse he can't -I replied to cut the talk.

Autowala took pride in telling without us asking for, he said -
'I have 9 years experience in auto- mechanic, my father tried hard to get me in that profession but my fate wanted me to be driver'.

We saw to each other as if who the hell has asked him about his past and fate.

I looked at arvind he was sitting silently as we might get late and we need to sit in front bench and if one of the professor of Thakur make him group leader in any activity then.....I moved towards my left and looked at Jiten, he smile (which he always do whenever someone looks at him) and said in his style ' MUJHE SAB CHALTA HAI', he was gujarati and was from gujarati medium too, so whenever he spokes English or hindi the gujarati accent always make a comeback but this is the attitude that makes him and every gujarati a jovial .

Our driver start overtaking other vehicles I (I think he noted arvind nervous) like he was hero of some bollywood movies made in 90's and it was like climax scene (it is tradition in bollywood that hero always WIN and NEVER DIE whosoever come in his way).
'Boss, Be slow' I requested but he took this as compliment and said Sir, I have experience of 9 years as driver also. I was thinking whether he was in search of Job because he has laid his all educational qualification and Experience before us.

I started 'Okay, so you stay here from birth?'

All my friends know that sometimes I can be big boring, because of my moody nature, if other person doesn't stop talking and so I even thought of giving him tit for tat.

'No, my father brought me here and I am living here for last 15 yrs.....'
I didn't took much pain in asking what he did in that 6yrs as he was driver + mechanic for 9yrs and he was living in Mumbai for 15yrs and before I could think of anymore he said-
But my wife was born and bought up here only- Now who asked for this one (he glared at me through Mirror)
'Oh that's nice', I replied with fake smile
'Where u stay in Mumbai'?
'Kandivali itself' He replied
And do you live with your family...
Yes, I told you my wife is from here only and we have two children
Okay Okay (I Thank God as he stopped at two!!)

'And your parents?' I urged as it was his father who brought him to Mumbai
'Two years before they went to banaras' he said

'Ok, but why' I quickly replied and asked

'Their wish as they are old and we have land over there, so someone should be there as Monsoon is on head'.
'Hmmm.... Correct'. I said

'Don't you get fear?' I calmly asked
And now I asked something which was very weird (Even I show anger if someone dares with me) and it might turn bad for me but somewhere in my heart I was sure about this man reply...

'Fear, for what?'

All that things which happened 2-3 years before (I was urging to North Indian being living in Mumbai)
What? ... Okay okay that, Ofcourse not sir ..... Why to get fear?
Why not, I mean (continuing with soft voice) don't you think it was almost a riot for you people, I mean it was huge and result could be anything...
'Yes you are right' he turned back with an awkward look to see whether I was media person and was recording his views.
But sir, 'YEH SAB APNE HAI' I have been living in Mumbai since 15yrs when it was BOMAY and I know and love this city as much as love GANGA MAIYA(Ganga is river which is like a God to Indian people and it is situated at Banaras)

Sir, I tell you one thing somewhere in my heart I agree with their views also (he mean the other party or politicians) and I know Mumbai local language very well, it's my moral duties to know it. I even preach their festival with same love as I do mine.
Celebrating festival of different culture in Mumbai is very common and brings sense of belongingness' but what makes me blow away was this man words, his maturating and his love with mankind.

But you have your family? I reminded him of his wife and children.
'You know, where we stay there are many people living around us who has come from different corner of INDIA and that's why I am happy because we are known for our UNITY IN DIVERSITY , We all help each other in need of help.( I was totally pity at our politicians who try to divide people )

He was non-stoppable and said 'Yehi toh baat hai iss mumbai ki yaha sab apne hoke bhi paraye hote hai aur payare hoke bhi apne', (I was like huh but I suddenly realized that bollywood are in blood of all Indians and so the dialogue).

Yes, barabar bola- jiten said with smile.

This all are political drama, they (referring to rich man and politicians) for their gains make common man to go into the pain. Everything is fixed here, even the next election.

'Next Election?'

Yes sir, ruling party will continue to rule. We was aware that he must be making fake statement but with in this city this are the people who have more secret information which can be more dangerous than latest sensation WIKILEAKS.

Gate no. 5, towards left- I told him and asked you have Two Child also, do they study?
Yes, the boy is in English school and girl was in Hindi Medium but last year we transfer her too to same English school in which my son is studying.

Okay, this man gave me another surprise with making his daughter to study and that to in English. I was feeling bad for orthodox rich people who still don't let their daughter to study. They should have a look at this person who earnings might not enough but his goal was clear that is to have bright future for his children.

How much? - Jiten eagerly saw at meter
'37 rupees'
Hey man watch auto ahead-watchman of Thakur College screamed as from behind some professor car was heading.
Yes, yes wait...
Okay sir- he smiled at me
We greeted him as another passenger was waiting and wondering why so much closeness between us.

And he gone.....his words, sentences was running in my mind that whole day I was like I had coffee with some superstars but the fact was that I met with a ordinary rickshaw wala with extra ordinary dream of making his boy mechanical engineer and girl a teacher .

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