This is a real life situation that happened three years ago along the highway of Quezon City, Philippines that proves that life can end in just a snap.

After having her two hour practice on a shooting range, Jen (not her real name) got on her car and started the engine. She drove on the highway and stopped on a traffic light as it turns red. It was one of the highways in Quezon City and it seemed like a normal day. Along both sides of the highway were the squaters' area in which people of poverty lived.

As she waited for the traffic light to go green, a boy, age 10-12, crossed the street and walked near the woman's car. As calm as he is, he took the car's side mirror and walked away as if nothing happened. Again, he crossed the street, confident that the driver won't chase after him for he knew that the driver was a girl.

As he walked, the woman rolled the windows down and took out her gun. For a few seconds, she analyzed the angle of the boy to be able to have a sure shot on the head. As the boy walked with the side mirror on his hand, the gun finally shot him as he collapsed on the floor, dead. It was a perfect shot, indeed. It was no surprise for the woman just finished training.

The people panicked as they heard the gunshot and no one even bothered to help the dead boy in the middle of the street for they were afraid that they would be shot. The boy lied on the ground with no one helping him.

Jen went out of the car with her gun. Normally in a situation like this, she would help the boy and carry the boy in the car and bring him to the hospital. But instead, she just stood there and stared at the boy while she held her gun. She then took out her cellphone and called for back up.

After five minutes, her back up arrived and Jen told them what happened. They just left the boy there lying dead. After a few minutes of talking, the group left and the woman did not bother to bring back her side mirror.

Imagine. A boy's life ended for only a side mirror. This proves that we do not know when we shall leave earth and die. We do not know that in just a single snap, our precious life can be taken away from us. Because of poverty and for a single side mirror, the boy lost his life and failed to be given a chance to change himself and repent for his sins.

We have to give importance in our lives. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow, or later, something terrible might happen. So give time saying 'I Love You' to the people you love... before it's too late.

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