Eleven water towers are situated in Lubbock. They have always stood there but no one pays attention to them.

The tanks date back to the day of the old steam engine trains where water was the main source of power. One of the tanks was an external freestanding pipe that was no longer used. The lighthouses in Lubbock which guide aircrafts at night are actually water tanks.

Water pressure balance is preserved by these tanks. A million gallons of water is the total volume a water tank can hold, according to the water treatment officer. The maintenance of the water levels is carried on by the Municipal Water Plant office.

Distribution pipes directly linked to water containers located all over Lubbock are responsible for supplying the city with water. Standpipes were most useful to Lubbock before the water tanks were built. Filling up these pipes with water is a precaution against collapse.

The towering water tanks were chosen over the standpipes in the maintenance of water pressures. He said the remaining water storage tanks no longer used would be dismantled and sold for scrap metal in the near future. The main station's boiler rooms and air conditioning systems are supplied with water by an old water tank positioned next to the station.

The interior of the tanks are lubricated with protective grease. It is important to prevent the occurrence of rust in the water tanks thus the maintenance of a constant electrical field in the water. The maintenance works are performed by a company contracted by the City of Lubbock outside the state. The condition of the three tanks are evaluated every now and then to determine the presence of poor equipment and to put repairs into action if needed.

It is hardly possible for these tanks to blow up. In the presence of too much water, an overflow outlet functions to lead a certain volume of water out of the tank down a pipe and onto the ground. Observing the tanks for increased pressure and insufficient demand is crucial that is why the control room is manned 24 hours a day.

The number of pumps at the pumping station is decreased immediately as a result. The Lubbock skyline, graced with the presence of these towering structures, breaks the dull view of plains and telephone poles. The development of the city may not have happened so successfully without these tanks. The rest of these tanks serve to provide the Lubbock population with water. One who seeks water will find that there is always water available for him from these water tanks.

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