Change is a difficult process in any activity. There are many of us who are comfortable in some activity or other things and are not able to change. Change is a means and that is the reason for the people finding it very difficult. Change brings about a new activity and any person who has to face change has to go out of the comfort zone. The change may be in a job, in the home or in every other situation.

An office goer who was never exposed to the computer would have had an initial fear of the computer and then slowly got used to it. This is similar to a person who is scared about a new job and then gets used to it. Most people find change for their betterment, but during the initial phase of the change, the person finds it very difficult.

There are some reasons that make change into a very difficult process. They are as follows.

1. Change is unpredictable:

The unpredictability of change is the main reason for almost all people to be wary of change. The change may be in the family life, work spot and other places. A person who does not like this unpredictability will not like change. There are many of us who do not like life to be unpredictable because it can lead to various situations where the person may not feel happy. So unpredictability is the major reason for people not to like changes happening.

2. Increased work:

The increased work that a person may have to do after the change has happened is another important reason for the people to detest change. Many situations in life are such that when there is a change, though it may be for the betterment of some people, many other people will be very unhappy with the changes because of the increased work that is associated with the changes that happen.

3. New happenings:

Change always creates new things and new happenings. This is one of the reasons for people to resist change. Many people are satisfied and happy with their existing work and surroundings because it is the comfort zone that they are living in. If the person has many new happenings, then it will lead to various problems that will become very difficult for the person. So the new happenings is one of the main reasons for people to resist change in life.

4. Change is associated with stress:

Many people feel that changes cause a lot of stress. This has also been proved by various psychologists. This is one of the main reasons for the change to be detested by people.

Though change is usually for the betterment for people, there are many who will be against change in any situation. The stress that is involved will make people run away from change. In spite of that, there are many people who have been successful because of change and the world is a better place to live because of the various changes that have taken place. The best creative minds are thrilled by changes and they thrive in an environment that has changes happening. So if the world has to become better than what it is at present, then people should try to welcome change with an open mind.

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