As more and more people like to travel by air, there is a great advantage for these people because of the fact that there are a lot of budget airlines available. Even people who would have never though about flying because f the cost involved are getting out of their cocoon to join the band wagon to start flying to different places.

If you have ever been on a budget airline, you would understand the meaning of being cramped for space. The lack of space also has another effect and that is the airlines discourage the passengers from traveling with a lot of luggage. If you travel with some excess luggage, then you should be ready to pay a lot of money as extra fare.

There are some easy and simple methods of making sure that you save all this money that you pay for excess baggage and they are as follows:

1. Wear the heavy clothes:

The clothes that are heavy can be worn by you so that you do not need to carry them. There are many people who carry their woolen clothes or suits along with their luggage. This can easily weigh up to about two kilos. If you can wear them along with your shoes, then you will be able to prevent these from being counted as luggage and instead carry some other things with the weight you saved in this method.

2. Carry less bags:

Though there is no extra charge that you have to pay if you carry a lot of luggage or bags, but one thing you have to remember is that if you carry less bags, you will be able to save money because each of the bags themselves have a lot of weight and so the bags weight will add on to the weight of the luggage that you are going to carry.

3. Carry your loose change:

There are many people who usually pack the coins that they carry with them. If you want to save some weight, then you try to change these into currency and then carry them with you instead.

4. Carry correct baggage size:

The most important aspect of carrying baggage on to your plane is to make sure that you carry luggage that is of the correct size. There are times when even a small increase in the size of the bag over the limit by the airline rules can cause you to have to pay a huge amount of money as extra. Try to make sure that you read the size of the baggage allowed as it can vary from one airline to another airline.

5. Spread your baggage weight:

If you are travelling with your family, then you should try to spread the weight that you carry as each adult is allowed a hand baggage. You should also remember that carrying your hand baggage to the maximum allowed level will help you to save money on the luggage that you carry in the hold of the plane.

Other than these, weighing your luggage and leaving out unwanted things is the best possible method of saving money on our baggage.

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