Everyday we experience various situations . Sometimes it will be a routine affair viz getting up in the morning , morning routine ,school , homework ,play , dinner etc. For others it is again the same with office or college replacing school. Of course for some college or office goers and in fact for some students , there is no time to play. Most of them will be spending some time together at home, have some good moments spent with collegaues, fellow students etc .Presently almost all have a mobile, television so time spent with the instrument is a good part of the day.

When we want to understand life, the main thing is to see how we spend our time. Because life is all about spending time with the present body. Of course frineds, neighbours, colleagues, in terms of people and accessories viz mobile etc decide how we spend our time.
Some are fortunate or plan to have some time on their own and create a space for themselves and follow their hobbies like creative work viz drawing , poetry, singing etc .
Just recapturing the time spent by me in the last few days. The routine part is left out and only what really interested me more or which affected me positively or negatively are enumerated below.
Went through a traffic jam yesterday. The vehicle was stranded for an hour. There was a breakdown of another vehicle ahead. The following vehicles while trying to overtake that vehicle did not follow the basic part of giving way for the opposite side traffic and as a result both sides could not move. In the short time , so many vehicles came and no vehicle could move unless all the vehicles on one side moved back. The side lanes were also filled up and so no there was absolutely no way for the vehicles to find a way and move. Luckily the police seargent could get to the place and with some volunteer's help sorted out the things. But the one hour had a lot of issues happening. One pregnant lady was carried by a few people beyond the jam to the nearby auto on the other free side of the road. School kids , who were crying were being consoled by mothers, trying to get some eatables from nearby cake shops. People who were lucky to be in cars and had laptops or mobiles or tablets were cool and watching movies or wahtsapp or were doing work .
Will continue with further experiences . please do comment .

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