The Power of Observation is something which is inherent in us. We were born with this niche skill. The enthusiasm and awe with which we used to look at this world as a child had given way to an acceptance of reality. We have learnt to take the world for granted. That is probably the reason why we tend to be oblivious to the nitty gritty changes happening around us. Mind is a very complex and delicate matter. We usually see things through the mind's eye. That is why we need to constantly tune and engage our mind to see and understand things more clearly. Being Vigilant is all about imbibing that elusive alertness in each and every aspect of our lives. It is about seeing beyond the probable and analyzing and finding a meaning to our mind's conjecture.

"What we see mainly depends on what we look for". We need to develop an eye for detail. How often do we really inquire and question? The well dressed bonhomie people often infect our thinking prowess. We tend to get carried away by their mannerisms and histrionics. An ebullient smile can push our inquisitions to oblivion. Most contorted minds and criminal brains put forth a veneer of ignorance. At first instant they seem to be the nicest people around. But when reality hits us, it would probably be late. The damage would have already been done. This is where being vigilant comes to our help. An alert and vigilant mind will see the implausible. Like the flashy Rolex or an expensive automobile that does not tally with the income bracket of that person. Elusive answers and beating around the bush, when asked about the source of income, should lead to the buzzing of our alert antennas. Our mind and body, over the years, have succumbed to doing things involuntarily. We seldom ask the question "why", before doing anything. If we can train ourselves to question each and every deed of ours, then we can iron out many oversights and misappropriations.

We have observed the Vigilance Awareness Week from 31st October to 5th November 2011. This is to disseminate awareness against corruption/ malfeasance/ fraud and to propitiate good governance and polity in every aspect of public administration. Many banks have mooted the concept of "Whistle Blowing" to enable the employees to expose prospective perpetrators and fraudsters and bring to light unholy bank dealings. The world now being a "Global Village", we need to be all the more alert and vigilant to curb any anti social nexus and facilitate safe and sound banking. And together we can, provided we remain vigilant and alert and not give an iota of chance for any malfeasance or fraud.

No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom, unless he is vigilant in its preservation.

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