Before constructing a Swimming Pool one has to consider many things. What kind of swimming pool elementary function of Swimming Pool, space provided for pool, budget and important is shape and crucial style of the pool? Now a day's swimming pool is out of rectangular box it has as many shapes as one can dream. May be oval-circular/semi circular, mixed-oval and mixed-oval circular/semi oval circular, overlapping etc. etc.

Forms of swimming pools been mentioned below entirely depending upon your choice and budget.

Perimeter Overflow Pools

Overflow Pools appropriately is a pool where water level is same as top of deck. All around, there is an overflow channel in which water is drained producing a master piece aspect looking like a big mirror which is lying on the ground. Planters on the sides/corners can added to the beauty of pool. Also underwater lights can make dream like aspects at night.

Pool with Spa

"Spool" is a combination of Spa and Pool or typically over sized Spas. Through this is not less expensive as compared to swimming pool, yet being smaller in size, it is easier to maintain and requires smaller space and might be an option for small backyard of home. One can relax physically and mentally and create relationship by adding friends, spouses and any other person.

Play Pool

Play Pool is basically not much deeper. Play pools generally are built for relaxing and playing water sports. Children can play volley ball while enjoying water on their physique.

Diving Pool

Diving pools are deeper in size and are equipped with diving board and platform for diving. These pools can be safety hazard and should be built by an expert. Diving pools are larger in size as compared to other pools.

Freedom Pools

It is a lagoon style pool or naturalistic pool having rock like features and is built to mimic an oasis.

Geometric Pools

Geometric Pools can be more formal and upscale looking. It is reinforced with straight, circular, semi circular and oval lines. These pools provide ordinary "Traditional Look". Now a day's these type of pools are most likable pools.

Lap Pool

These are narrow and long pools broadly more than 50' and are used for exercise, swimming for health and fitness.

Edge-Less Pool

Edge-Less Pools also known as Infinity Pools require expertise to construct. These are designed to look like pool extending all the way out to the horizon. Between engineering and Mechanics there are no compromises.

Liner Pools

In all the above pools concrete is used to construct the pool and tiles are fixed all around the pool. But now a day a new feature 'LINER' has been added in place of tiles. The liner gives aesthetic look and comes in different colors. It requires less cleaning also.

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