The career of a person is very important. This is because the career is something that one has to build. It has to be made with a strong foundation and has to be built on in a successful way to make sure that you are able to have a successful professional life. A successful career will also reflect on the personal life of the person and will help to have an all round satisfied life. This is the importance of career in a person's life.

The career has to be build step by step and there are many factors that are also involved in the career planning. The various steps are listed here and explained for easy understanding.

1. Self assessment of the skills, weaknesses and strengths:

The individual should do a self assessment and understand the skills that are present. Other than the skills, one has to also understand the strengths and weaknesses. The reason for this is that only when the person is able to do a self assessment of the various skills, strengths and weaknesses present, will the person be able to plan the career better using the skills and also leaning about various factors that are causing the weaknesses.

2. Determination of one's goals:

As part of the career planning process, the individual should determine the goals in life. This determination of the persons goal will help the individual to work towards it and also create a pathway for making the dream to come true. On the other hand, if there is no goal, then the person's life will not have any path to go into and will look like a wilderness with no ambition or will to be successful.

3. Assessment of opportunities within and out of the organization:

As the career planning process starts, the person should make sure that all the opportunities that are coming in the way are used to the maximum. This means that the person should try to achieve various things in life and also try to maximize the returns in various aspects.

4. Development of career strategies:

Career strategies are also important in the development of a career plan. These strategies are based on the various opportunities for growth of the person within the organization where the person is working at present. Other than this, the other opportunities outside the company also have to be thought of while the person is working so that the goals are achieved.

5. Implementing various plans:

Implementation of the plans made after the various strategies are very important for the individual to have a successful life. These need careful thought before these plans are all implemented.

6. Reassessment of plans and making new plans at regular intervals:

As the person keeps working, the various situations in the personal life, professional life or even in the financial freedom of the person may change and so the individual has to try to reassess and make new plans at regular intervals.

These are the various steps that are present in the process of planning the individual career.

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