N.T.R - Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao is the name that buzzes in most of the people of Andhra Pradesh. He is the legend of Movies as well as in Politics. He proved himself that he was good at any platform whether it is movies or politics. He was a veteran actor. He started his career in movies then turned as chief minister to serve people of Andhra Pradesh. He has that charm to make a turning point in movies as well as in politics.

He born on May 28th 1923 in a Town called Nimmakuru of Andhra Pradesh. He was not only an actor but also a director and producer. He founded the political party TDP- Telugu Desam Party in the year 1982. He started the party with a good ambition and even succeeded in that. He was also called as Viswa Vikhyata Nata Sarva Bhoma Padmashri Dr. NTR.

As an actor he was great. His style of dialogue delivery was fantastic. He acted more in the Mythological movies and he proved that there is no one better can do in the Telugu Film Industry for those roles. He was popular for his roles as Krishna, Rama, Karna, and Lord Venkateswara. Till now most of the people in Andhra Pradesh believe that He exactly looks like Krishna and Rama. People believe that he has lot of similarities with our idol Rama. Even he used to deliver the dialogues in one breath. He was the only actor who has created magic among audience for the mythological movies. He used to wear the jewellary for the mythological movies were of pure gold as he was against the fake and duplicate. He has helped most of the producers and script writers of his movies. He has an academy for script writing.

He got good name through his movies and became popular as a legend of Telugu movies. Then he entered the path of politics to serve the people. He started his own party as TDP which exist now also with leader as Chandra Babu Naidu. He got an excellence of response from people and won the elections. He acted as the chief minister of A.P. He initiated the scheme of Rs.2 per Kg rice to the needy. He has done a hard work to develop the systems of A.P. Even he has succeeded in that.

He has up and downs in his life. He came up with lot of struggles. He knows the pain of it for which he used to help everyone. In the second term also he won the election in majority. Although the nation was ruled by congress party but A.P was ruled by TDP. Hence this kind of response he has in public. There is no hesitation calling him the Legend of A.P.

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Reference: Wikipedia and Nandamurrifans.com