Home is the coziest place in everyone's life. After a long tiring day when you get back to your own place, a tip top home will make you feel relaxed. Nowadays everyone wants to decorate their home not only for splendor but also for convenience. Here, decorating does not mean using heavy and luxurious furniture, rather the perfect use of space according to the owner's choice. There are certain things that you need to take care of to make your home look good. Simple application of interior designing can make your home look a total different place.


The bedroom is the most important part of your home. Do not dump too many furniture in this room. If there is not sufficient light in your room place a large size mirror on the opposite to the window. This mirror will reflect the light and make your room brighter. You should be careful about the color of the distemper. Try to contrast the wall color with the color of the curtain and bed sheets. Smart application of color can create a special appeal to your home.

Dining place

After bedroom comes the dining place. This space should be neat and clean. You can choose from different shapes (i.e. oval, round, square) and sizes of dining tables available in the market that best suits your dining room. If it is a medium sized room then you can use any of the shapes. For a small sized room it would be better to use small round tables that will not occupy much space.

Living room

Try to make your living room or family space as cozy as possible. Put pillows with multi-colored pillow covers on your sofa or couch. Give a touch of nature in this room and you can place a cactus or money plant in one corner of the room. This will add an all new look in your family space. In the background wall, you can hang a large poster sized family photo or can use a pattern of photo frames containing your family photos. You can also decorate this room with things that are important to your family or have emotional importance like the first footprint or drawing of your kids.

Drawing room

Drawing room is especially for guests and so it represents your invitation to the outsiders. For your drawing room choose a theme, such as antique, modern etc and decorate the room accordingly. This will make it easier to choose the furniture and accessories for decorating this room. Whatever your theme is, use different shade of light or lamp shades. Light always creates a special effect on your decoration.

If you want a different look in different rooms, then you can use wallpapers. Like, for your kids' room use cartoon wallpaper, if you a nature lover and want to bring a vibe of nature in your home then use 3D nature wallpaper on one of the walls. Always keep in mind that your decoration should reflect your choice, after all it is your place. You can adopt the tips from different people and sources but try to apply it according to your own way, so that you don't fell like stranger in your own place.

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