Competition is a natural phenomenon of human life. From the time we were little children, barely knee high to our parents, we have learnt to compete for what we want. Since then competition has embedded itself into the fabric of our day to day lives. We can find traces of it in every sphere of human existence. From buying to selling to learning to dealing, the snazzy tentacles of competition have seeped into myriad fjords of human advancement. The moment we step out of the cozy confines of our house, we are spooled into the whirlpool of a "Competitive World". It is no longer the survival of the fittest, but we have now gravitated towards a state where our survival depends on how smart we are.

Humans are naturally inclined to better themselves and make progressive inroads into advancing their lives. Without competition, the world would have been so different and mundane. There would not have been any sports, games, civilizations, business or the frenetic advancements that we see around us today. If we turn the pages of history, we can see that the civilizations which thrived on the banks of rivers flourished and prospered, whereas the others fizzled out in a few decades. This made the greatest scientists and anthropologists to think as to why these civilizations burgeoned. The answer they conjured up was these civilizations were caught in the constant flux of competition, at times with nature (floods) or with epidemics (plague) or with other civilizations (invasions), which made them to change consistently. As a result they evolved and bettered themselves in every aspect. Just imagine if Bjorn Borg, Gary Kasparov and Muhammad Ali never had competitors like John McEnroe, Anatoly Kasparov and George Foreman? Without these very enterprising competitors these mere mortals would never have become the legends they are today. Competition always brings out the best in us.

"The ability to learn faster than our competitors is the greatest competitive advantage".

The work place can be made into a breeding ground of healthy competitions where the employees compete with each other for the attainment of a common goal. Competitions should always be constructive and help us gravitate close towards individual/ organizational excellence. A healthy competition yields something positive for the organization as well as the employees. The underlying tenet is that we should always use our co-workers success as motivation to improve our own performance.

It is time to gear up and show our dynamism to the world and reiterate the indubitable fact that "We are the Best".

Let us strive for excellence ............

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