Marriages are made in heaven ! Do you really believe in it .And if it so Why do so-called marriages with a'' Made in Heaven '' -----Tag break .Long time friends (10 year old friendships ,Blossoming Courtships breaking up and resulting in Sulking Partners ..Each wondering What went went wrong ??... .Take Rahul Mahajan for instance ,He married Long time friend But then ultimately ended up re-marrying a gorgeous model after breaking up first marriage .It seems to be a fact that Old- world marriages have withered storms of Changes in Times ... Every Relationship has three important MUST-HAVES Those are : Honesty ,Compatibility , $ most essential Love . Or should I say a fine Balance of all these ,Minus any one thing and the Relation ship stangulates the either Partner .

I got to speak to an elder proud working Aunty : About what keeps their relationship going and offcourse the standard question : How does she maintains the balance .Actually she had a love marriage .I have got quite mixed opinion on whether one should go for a love marriage or an arranged marriage . Both Kinds need adjustment Just that one needs more ( you decide which one??????) , So as an ever curious girl I asked her the secrets .I was taken aback by her reply ,'' I don't take things seriously So I am happy '' said she . I don't know really but frankly ! I realised how true it is .Believe me ,Apply it for a day you will get to know and Now coming to our Age-old marriages ,What is the reason for their strength and No wonder still going strong!... Ever asked your Mom '' Do you love pa'' ?.. She will laugh at you .If you don't get any answer , Don't worry Keep guessing the obvious Positive Response But Don't let your mind wander away as this will only disturb your own-self .But then Whether It is love or just an attachment earned through years of living together /or for family sake or peace .Well I used to believe you meet somebody ,Keep meeting , Keep talking -and keep sharing Eventually you will develop an attachment for the person But yes Here the ''C'' word comes Chemistry I mean ,Technically speaking '' Click '' , Two stangers meet for the first time and just ''CLICK'' .It seems as if everything is falling into the place by its own . Isn't it sort of a Magic ,or Some positive energy /Blessings of your elders..

You find out & Do let me know .I am all ears to know about it .

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By qualification I am a Graduate and work with a bank .I am an avid reader and like to write