The colorful flowers are attracted everyone's eyes due to its vibrant, it can let people release they sorrow and pain, and its scent can let people feel relax. Now more and more people sending flowers to show their love to others, but less knows the meaning of the colors of flowers. In the following, you will see some meaning of the main colors which girls like most, and you can decide which color to send in order to convey your feelings in a proper way.

RED is the color which hominid adored and loved. It signifies passion, liberal, courage, wealth, warm, excite, bright and vigor. And true red rose is the best flowers for lover, you can send true red rose to convey the message "I love you very much" to your loved one. To most people, true red rose can express their hot love to others.

YELLOW means magnificence, authority, noble, luxury, bright and clear. Light yellow means gentle and warmer, and true yellow means dignified. Due to its meaning, people usually send yellow flowers to elders to express their truly respect of them.

ORANGE means pride, amazement. Orange is also the color of harvest. And if people want to express their appreciation and desire to someone, they also send orange flowers to show their feeling.

WHITE means unity, sincerity, loyalty, purity, and a love stronger than death. Sometime people call it "flower of light".
PURPLE always show its meaning that grace, gorgeous and melancholy.

PINK means elegance, gentility and poetic romance. It is said that most of girls like pink flowers and all the pink things, because pink always express its meaning that cute, romance.
If you have the truly understand of the color of flowers when you are sending flowers to her, you can express your truly feelings to her. Sometimes if you send her the wrong color, maybe you will give her some wrong messages.

Send flower to her is always regarded as the most romantic things to a girl. If you want to give her surprise.

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