What is life
Life is all about living. Living means performing action. Action is initiated by thoughts and then performed. It may involve one person or more persons at a time . Material things may be involved .
Another aspect is time. Life is about spending time.

Two situations are the extreme and difficult to manage with regard to time . First category is when a person is totally free and has got nothing to do and the other category is when a person has got so many things to do , that he is unable to take a break for a moment.

To live effectively therefore , we have to manage time as well as plan the actions and execute them.
Planning is the first requisite . We may have to change plans sometimes , but without planning , the chances of our actions being fruitful will be less probable.

Planning is not only in terms of time management; it also involves effective utilization of resources.

Another aspect of prime importance is human relationship. We may be able to spend some time alone. But we have to interact with others , sooner than later and human interaction plays a cohesive role in our day to day activities, whether it is in the house or in office or in general with neighbours etc.

If we take a day of 24 hours, three major parts are there . Time spent in Home, time spent at Office, and time spent in general matters.

At any place and at any point of time, communication plays a key role in the way we succeed in our endeavour. At home, to start with it is seen that most of the petty quarrels can be resolved by communicating better and with a bit of humour. Seriousness, particularly words uttered in moments of fits of anger , creates a big flutter and unless taken over by careful handling of further words, become a fury. Communication gap has to be handled in a manner that information is passed on to the person concerned . Sometimes we try to avoid telling facts, just to avoid the arguments for the time being. This may help sometimes , but if the facts are definitely to be told , delay may cause more problems .

Praising helps a lot. Even small courtesy like thanks, or remembering kind word/deeds and acknowledging them helps.

Exercise in any form helps if followed continuously makes an impact on the life of a person. It may be walking or march past or jogging. It may even be related to religious activities like Namaaz, Pranam , Prostating before God, Kneel down etc .

Food again plays a major role . right quantum of food at right times. Balanced diet taking care of all nutrients required for the body ,right amount of water at the appropriate time and quantity , chewing the food well and eating slowly do add upto the better way of life.

Praying at least twice a day in whichever form one is used to , can be of great help.

Sleeping pattern also makes a great impact on one's life. The right quantum of sleep may vary from person to person .

Learning is a continuous process and it also makes a big impact in our life.we learn from various sources. Newspapers, Television and nowadays internet plays a great source of information provider. There is absolutely no dearth of resources to learn from . Only thing is , we have to know what we want to learn and how we can effectively use the knowledge.

The other aspect is hobbies. If we can spend at least an hour a day on hobbies, it will turn our live into a beautiful garden where we will enjoy every moment of it.

Happy living

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