This poem pictures the life of a virgin woman who was burdened with the responsibility of a family when she was a child as couldn't get the care of her parent as her mother passed away leaving behind twin baby boys to be taken care and the father a sick person. she pours out her sorrows as songs and she has got a beautiful voice but none to hear it or uplift as they live in the outskirts illegally

Song - Unheard

She sang alone among stained vessels,
Hut thatched.

Like Snow White of fairy tale with birdies
Just hatched.

No one knew she could sing with such grace
For only few saw that hut, not her voice.

As they lived in the outskirts,
Land they owned illegal.

She didn't get the care of her mother,
Even at teens a time to gather,
Good and evil that do matter,
As Wind swept life, body turned cinder,
She with twin brothers to nurture.

Crouched weak man - her father,
No breast milk to make babes sleep,
Their whine and bawl made her weep,
Her sorrow flowed as songs, from deep,
She a young mother, womb untouched,
Ripened corn - unreaped.

At times her wails flowed as chorus,
Her lonesome laments like Melody,
Babes' weak cries mingled like duets,
Father's dry cough, tattered base drum.

No stage within the bamboo leaf roof
No blasting music-support, for that solo,
No audience to applause or limelight,
No awards to décor the clay abode.

Unheard notes danced with the wind,
Unheard chorus circled with the smoke,
Unheard laments clanged with the vessels,
Unheard melody remained a song Unheard.


Jacintha Morris A
Office of the Accountant General
Trivandrum Kerala State

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