India has been in the forefront of development. There have been great debates over the development of India as a fore to reckon in the economic front. Though the country has to change in many ways and corruption being one of them, the development of the economy has been very rapid. There has been a great influx of funds into the country and the economy is in a state where it can break out any minute and zoom ahead. There are some sectors that have been developing at a very rapid pace and they are all listed in this article.

1. Telecommunications:

The telecommunications sector has been on a roll. There has been an entry of many multinational companies into the fray. This has ad the existing companies to provide the best services possible. Other than the services, the most important fact about the telecommunication sector is that the cost of this is very cheap. In fact the cost of making a phone call is the cheapest in the world.

2. Information Technology:

The development of information technology in India has been on a massive scale. There are many universities that are providing good quality education to many students and this has helped them to produce professionals with an uncanny ability to be successful in any work they do. The massive educational system in India has been feeding the many companies in the information technology field with young and capable professionals. This has made the information technology to see a massive growth not only in India, but also in all countries around the world.

3. Highways:

The development of the highways in India has also been a major cause for the development of the country. Only if the roads are good and the connectivity between the various places are good, will there be a chance of development of the economy. The various highway projects like the Golden quadrilateral projects and also the various corridors connecting big cities all over India has made internal transport by road to be very good. This has made it easy to export and import products and then redistribute these to various cities. The connectivity is being further strengthened and so it is only set to increase the trade.

4. Railway Network:

The Indian railway network is one of the largest in the world and also a very large employer. There are millions of people who are working in the Railway service. Just like the highways, development of the railway network and also the chance that is provided to all the people to transport things at a very competitive cost has made it possible for the economy to improve. The fact that there are dedicated freight corridors developed to transport various products has also made it possible for the improvement in trade and also the economy.

These are some of the various reasons for the development of the country. There is scope for further development in these sectors and also in other sectors. All these development is set to make India into an economic power to reckon with.

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