Technically Lock Your Spot is the website name that people that are fascinated in 360 can go to in order to- lock in their spot. Those smart enough to get in promptly are then in position to profit off of everyone that joins after.

This is such a great marketing strategy because it plays upon two of our core emotions- anxiety , and an appeal with the mysterious. There is a part of all us that kicks in once we feel they are going to either a) be left out of a guaranteed opportunity to bring in cash or b)when individual leaves( or believes they are leaving ) money on the table. It's a basic part of us to want to "jump in before it's too late."

While 360 is still in pre-launch , there is just not enough information to on about the company itself. At this juncture the sense of the unknown emerges; it follows the same rule as opening a present six am on Christmas morning when you were a child. ( Or perhaps you still react this way. ) You get excited because you really have no clue what's within ! It could be that ONE thing you were holding your breath for, or it could be one more pink sweater, identical to the one you received last year. That is exactly what 360 has used:building anticipation.

Now don't read this the wrong way- maybe the goods this brand new company comes out with will be unquestionably unique and ground-breaking revolutionary- I don't know. I am only stating the leaders have done an almost unparalleled piece of work of building excitement, in great effect because they've kept things locked down so well.

The launch date is May 15, 2010, but can often be left open to delay, as you know if you're familiar with the world of network marketing

In regard to the products the company will be selling- that remains a mystery. The only bit discovered so far is they will be 'smart' products. I am reasonably sure this does not mean weapons though. Whether that means health products, green stuffs, perhaps both, or something else entirely is up to conjecture. The most integral element will not be their debut however, but if this company can be something original to the table.

I have to admit i am among the legions of folks curious to see what this company comes up with. With the way their leaders ( who also ave not been made completely clear as of this writing, though I have a couple ideas ) have carried out operations to this it is clear they've definitely shown they know the business of constructing excitement.

Something that seems also to be obvious from the excitement about this group is that 360 will use more Direct Selling than conventional marketing techniques- using things like infomercials to reach additional customers speedily rather than old-fashioned person-to-person techniques. A lot of people will be attracted to this because in a sense a good bit of marketing is built in.

Such a model is probably more akin to buying into a franchise . Many folks will probably even feel this be a better way for them to recruit and make their business more to spread the word about their company and add legitimacy to it.

If you're asking yourself if you can still have success in 360 degrees if you are not one of the first people in the downline then-

The answer is yes: if you know how to market, and consistently create brand new leads each day, then yes, you can succeed in 360 ,Lock Your Spot, or just about any business you choose. This is one of the things companies often don't teach you however. If you don't have a system in place helping you build your business, then it doesn't matter where you fall in the downline you very well may be adding to the large number of network marketers who fail in this business.

It would be unfair to offer an opinion on 360 Degrees at this point; there is just not sufficient data to go on the leadership, comp plan, product ,none of these have been revealed as of this writing: however to see a system that WILL show you how to generate leads and create a successful business in any company check out and start taking the essential steps to growing your business online the way you want to.

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