Today was talking to my son who is studying in X standard. Was asking him what he would like to study further ? . Suggested that since he is good in mathematics, he can take up bachelor of mathematics course . He said he wants to pursue arts and become a lecturer in arts. My wife said , he is right in his approach. This is just a small example , where difference of opinion starts and based on the way the discussion is taken , ends up in arguments, sometimes very heated arguments and finally a conclusion is reached. Sometimes , based on the approach of the people involved and clarity in their roles , things may come to a smoother end faster without much arguments. For example , the elderly and the experienced may use their wisdom to convince all concerned amicably and things may be faster settled.

However , if one of the persons , takes a stand opposite to the others , or two or more stands are taken by the different people involved , then discussions may prolong and arguments may be inevitable.
The nest way to handle the situation is to identify the crucial factors to be analysed or discussed to arrive at a solution. The factors could be money involved, long term prospectives , short term effects of the decision, role of the various persons involved in the process, whether relocating is required , whether relocation is required only for one person or the family has to relocate etc.
In the office, again , the role of the various persons involved will matter. Sometimes we see that a meeting involving different sections of the office and persons of varied hierarchies have variant views and the discussions prolong and more meetings may be required to be conducted.
It is always better to have a casual meet first encouraging all concerned to express their views , making an analysis of the various factors to be considered and then prioritizing the factors as per importance and then trying to have a relook at the issues . Sometimes ego, personal opinions ,lethargy etc may have effect in the opinion of the people involved and play a crucial role in the way , the decision making process prospers.
The basis fact is each of us based upon our experience , have a view of the issue involved. There is a story of how seven blind people touched and felt the elephant and come to a conclusion about how the elephant looks. One touched the trunk, one the tail, one the ears and one the body etc and accordingly each imagined the shape of the elephant.

TO conclude, in any given situation , whether office or home , the issue under process is to be understood , the details are to be discussed , the discussions if required , may be conducted two three times with break to get some fresh infuse in to the matter . IF requires, specialists in the field may be included in the discussion to get better understanding of the issues and to conclude in the right direction.

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