It was a government printing press. Lot of papers were around. TEn rupee notes were printed in one corner. In the bundle of notes produced that day was the note AAAA - a ten rupee note. AAA took its birth on jan 1st 1998. It went out of the press along with another 99 brothers in a van Of course in the van were thousands of cousins, sisters and nephews. It first went to a godown where all notes were initially kept.

From there AAA got transferred to an ATM in a distant place. It travelled about ten days. OF course it still had the company of its 99 brothers.

In the ATM it was loaded into the machine. IT was there for five days. Then One fine day , a man BBB came and withdraw money from the ATM. AAA got separated from its brothers ; of course some brothers could join it.

However while counting the notes, AAA got separated from its near brothers. BUt still had some brothers nearby.

AAA was then given by BBB to a vegetable vendor while buying vegetables. NOW AAA was kept separately by the vendor as it was new born . AAA stayed with the vendor fro some days. ONE day the vendor was running short of ten rupee notes to give to a customer. SO he give AAA to the customer CCC.

NOW CCC put AAA in his pocket.AAA felt crumbled for the first time , though there was only one fold. CCC kept AAA for a few days and then one fine morning gave it to a doodwala while buying milk.
NOw the doodwallah was handling AAA with wet hands, so AAA got drenched a bit.

However after sometime being along with other notes, which were dry, AAA also got dried.

DOODWallah was keeping all notes along with AAA in a cloth bag.

THEn after ten days, AAA was given by the doodhwallah to a provision store while buying dhal.

TILl now itself , AAA had experienced variety of smell and diffrent ways of being handled and so was already feeling worn out.
Now the provision vendor was handling oil at the time of receiving AAA , so AAA got oiled and was smelling bad.
NOW the crispness of the note had gone and AAA was almost fully crumpled. ALSo it had become quite old.
WHen the provision store person gave AAA to another customer DDD while giving change after purchase, the customer was not ready to take it, But reluctantly took it.

DDD now was travelling in a bus and he give AAA to the bus conductor while buying ticket. The conductor was touchiong his saliva for taking out the ticket from the bunch and so AAA which was handled by him also got soaked by the saliva and was feeling bad . By now it was getting old and crumpy and had last all its shine and also energy. The conductor pushed AAA along with other notes inside his purse.AAA felt suffocated.
in the meanwhile one passenger asked the conductor for change for hundred rupee note.Now the conductor was taking out the ten rupee notes from his bag and in that bunch AAA also was included and it got transferred along with the other notes to the passenger EEE.
The passenger EEE after getting down from the bus and reaching hoe, removed all money from his purse and was keeping in his drawer and during that time he was couting and checking how much he had spent that day and how much balance money he had now. In that process he noticed that among the notes AAA was quite old and so kept it separately and thought that he has to dispose it soon . But he was wondering who will takle it and was cursing himself for not checking while taking the change from the conductor.
however he found a way out. The next day he went to temple and after praying as was his habit was to drop some money in the hundi. He used AAA and dropped it in the hundi. NOow AAA was in the big hundi in the company of all sorts of notes of varied denominations . Not only that ; in that hundi people had also put gold rings necklace yellow coloured cloth covered coins etc.
The next day the hundi was emptied and a group of people sat and counted the cash and segregated the notes.
AAA was branded as soiled note and it was sent to RBI for disposal.
RBI recorded the details of AAA and sent it for disposal .
IT was treated as waste and so got mixed with the other soiled noted and other paper waste and was recyled to be made as pulp and used further for making recycled paper.
Thus the journey of AAA ended.

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